What is website & why it is required.

Published by pooja on December 20, 2016

A website is hosted on a computer system known as a web server, also called an HTTP server. A document which can be displayed in a web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, or Apple’s Safari. These are also often called “web pages” or just “pages.”
A collection of webpage which are grouped together and usually connected together in various ways. Often called a “web site” or simply a “site.”
Place on the World Wide Web that contains information about a person, organization, etc., and that usually consists of many Web pages joined by hyperlinks. Each website has its own unique web address which is in URL which can be reached through an internet connection The opening page of a website is usually called homepage which contains hyperlinks to other pages on the same or other site(s).

Why Required

Suppose you own a shop, you go in the morning and you close your shop by evening. It means that you can sell your products, tell about your shop, meet people coming to your shop and many other things only till evening. After that you are at your home. No sales, no interaction with your customers. If you will own a website your website will act as a never sleeping employee for you. People can visit anytime, buy products, provide reviews which will help you to improve and they can interact with you by starting a conversation.
Not only this what about those people who are out of your town. They can also come to know about your shop without visiting it. They will just visit your website see the reviews and if they like they will contact you or will buy products online. This will increase your sales.

  1. A website is an easy way of keeping up to date, sharing information, socializing with people. Websites are used for a variety of things these days, from talking to other people to selling things online. The latest tool to make life comfortable and enjoyable
  2. Banking made easy: One need not spend hours in queues to either transfer their funds or receive them. You can get all the financial services now being offered in the cool comfort of your home. That is what online banking is offering you.
  3. Matrimony made easy: Want a match for you or your daughter or son? You need not spend sleepless nights. Selection has become as easy. Websites have made matrimony A partner is just a click away!
  4. International job listings: Only place where one gets the largest number of job listings from all over the world.
  5. The only medium to introduce oneself to the Internet to improve one’s business.
  6. Movie online: Name a movie you get it online, thanks to websites.
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