New technology

Mulika infotech pvt. Ltd. team adapted and utilized new techniques shortly after it was introduced.

  1. Responsive theme
  2. Android application
  3. SEO
  4. HTML5


Our aim is simple, “To place your business at the top of search engines”. SEO is Search Engine Optimization . In this process, with the help of proper techniques we build and optimize a website in a way that it gets well ranked in a search engine. Mulika infotech pvt. ltd. have SEO experts who would make any website more visible for search engines. Mulika infotech pvt. ltd. provides SEO services that can help any company to increase its online exposure. The object of SEO is to increase the volume and quality of traffic to your web site.
If you are looking for Someone who is specialist in Search Engine Mechanism, who can really boost your website hits to considerable amount, You are on right place. Mulika infotech pvt. ltd. can help you in your website Boosting for Internet market against your competitor and drives good business from Internet to your Organization. Mulika infotech pvt. ltd. provide complete SEO services to meet any business need.

Responsive theme

Today, more and more users browse the Internet using their mobile phone. So typically, you needs at least two websites – one for the desktop users and one for the mobile users. While this solution works correctly, it is expensive. With the rapid advances in HTML technology, it is now possible to design a single website that shows correctly across all devices that accesses it – be it a desktop, a mobile phone, a tablet or anything else. The HTML technique that makes this possible is responsive website designing. Responsive mobile sites automatically adapt based on the screen size of the device. Mulika infotech pvt. ltd. Is the better option for develop responsive website. Our team adapted and utilized responsive web design techniques shortly after it was introduced.
For a responsive website, the layout changes based on the viewing size of the device that access it. For example, if a responsive website is viewed on a phone, it may show the content in a single column, if accessed on a tablet it may show a double column, and a desktop may show the same content in a three column layout. Because they change layout according to the device, responsive websites are also called as ‘fluid design’ website


Now it is easy to see which parts of the page are headers, nav, footers, aside, etc as the tags are specific for these all and most importantly know what their meaning and purpose is in whole the format. By using HTML5 elements we can increase the semantic value of the web page as the codes are very standardized.HTML5 enables designer to use more fancier forms. Even it makes form validation native to HTML, User interface enhancements and reduced need for JavaScript (only needed in browsers that don’t support form types). There will be different type of text inputs, search and different fields for different purpose. HTML 5 will enable web designers to use cleaner, neater code, we can remove most div tags and replace them with semantic HTML 5 elements.HTML5 have Built-In Video/Audio Playback. HTML5 also offers offline caching, meaning visitors can load certain elements on a webpage without an active internet connection – assuming they’ve visited the site in the past. If a visitor’s internet connection happens to go down, he or she can still load core elements of the site.

HTML5 is the latest HTML standard. HTML5 means different things to different people. To most web developers, it’s an incremental evolution of HTML, so it’s less exciting than periphery technologies such as SVG, canvas, standardized audio/video, geolocation, and so on. About 99 percent of HTML5 involves the same set of elements that were used by its predecessors, HTML4 and XHTML. Those elements worked in HTML4, worked in XHTML, and still work in HTML5.

If your want develop your site with HTML5 Mulika infotech pvt. Ltd. Is for you. Mulika infotech pvt. Ltd. have well train HTML5 team which satisfy your requirement giving their full efforts and dedication.

Android application/ Mobile Application

A mobile application is a computer program designed to run on Smartphone’s, tablet computers and other mobile devices. Mobile apps are extraordinary and crucial. Just as with websites, your App must show up very prominently in response to searches for it to be of real value. If you have your business app you can access it anywhere at any time using your Smartphone’s. Using business app you can take yourself update about your business.
Mobile app should not only solve the problems of a business owner, but also be useful for a user. Otherwise users simply won’t download it. Mobile applications are also a great way to get started in a new market or expand your business.
For example calendar application using this you can know about date, day and festivals. Email application using this you can access your email account in it and receive and sent email.